/// AAF - alliance of american football
l e a g u e  g r a p h i c s  p a c k a g e

In 2019, the AAF - Alliance of American Football, was created as a brand-new, professional minor football league. There was much promise and excitement surrounding a new, much-needed minor football league, along with the games being broadcasted live on CBS, TNT, and NFL Network.

I was asked to create the entire in-stadium graphics package for the new league with it's initial 8 teams. It was a daunting, yet exciting design challenge to single-handedly create such a large amount of animations, across 8 stadiums, in a relatively short time period. I set out to achieve broadcast-quality 3D sports graphics and match the ambition and excitement I felt all across the young league. While the league was a critical and commercial success, sadly the AAF suspended operations shortly before the end of the first season and filed for bankruptcy.
// AAF Graphics reel

Original vector team logos supplied to me by AAF

I recreated all team logos in 3D to be used in custom transition animations.
// chant animations
I was asked to create various high-energy "chant" animations for each team in the league. The long list of "chant" animations including prompts like TOUCHDOWN, DEFENSE, 1ST DOWN, INTERCEPTION, FIELD GOAL, etc.
// team LOGO LOOPS
Each team in the league needed an ambient looping animation to display on the main screens in the stadium during the games when there wasn't any action on the field. For instance, when fans were taking their seats or waiting for kick-off.
// QB Draft animation
The first animation I was commissioned to create for AAF was for their Quarterback Draft event.

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