/// capital one orange bowl
i n - s t a d i u m  g r a p h i c s  p a c k a g e  2 0 1 8  -  2 0 2 1
I partnered with the Orange Bowl to create the in-stadium graphics package for their annual game from 2018-2021. I aimed to achieve broadcast-quality sports graphics even though I was creating the package single-handedly. Another challenge was always only having a few weeks before the game to create the package, as I would not find out which teams were going to the Orange Bowl until that time. I developed a package and a look that they liked, modeling the team logos big and bold with lots of texture, detail, and neon lights, and carried the concept from 2019-2021.
// 2019 Capital One Orange Bowl - Virginia vs. Florida
// 2020 Capital One Orange Bowl - TExas AM vs. North Carolina
// 2021 Capital One Orange Bowl - Michigan vs. Georgia
// Stadium graphics 2019-2021 - sizzle reel
// 2019 styleframes
// 2020 styleframes
// 2021 styleframes
// 2018 Capital One Orange Bowl - Oklahoma vs. Alabama
For the 2018 COOB, the client wanted a "Miami art-deco" inspired city-scape scene. I custom modeled the main structure to hold our virtual LCD screens and banners, and tried to design a Miami-style street scene around it.

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