i n s t r u m e n t  c l u s t e r  a n i m a t i o n s
In 2020, I was invited to collaborate on the design and animation of the digital instrument cluster for the all new 2024 Ford Mustang, the S650. Primarily, I was tasked with visualizing and animating an in-production model of the new Mustang through 3D rendered animations, but contributed design and animation to many aspects of the instrument cluster display during my time on the project. 
// Mode Switch
D R I V I N G   S C E N E   A N I M A T I O N S

I was tasked with designing the look of various "drive mode" scenes below.



SLIPPERY Mode styleframe


CUSTOM Mode - Frame 1

CUSTOM Mode - Frame 2

DRAG mode

// mode switch SCENE animations - motion test
After the design of the drive mode scenes, I was tasked with the animation and transition of each drive mode scene in sequence. Below is an initial motion test showing how the scenes move and transition into one another.
Simulated MODE SWITCH sequence composited animation with animated UI.
[Particle effects by Seiji Anderson.]
// MODE SWITCH UI design
DRIVING MODES selector designs.
// UI Morph animations
Another aspect I worked on was the animation of the transition of the different instrument cluster display modes that a driver can select. The concept Ford wanted was a sort of futuristic morphing fabric, where each mode can animate to life from a flat surface. Below is an animation test.
/ full instrument cluster morph sequence
Animated sequence showing each instrument cluster mode, featuring my 3D geometry morph animations as well as my 2D instrument cluster UI animations.
Below are some of my animation test concepts for the WELCOME ANIMATION, that would occur on the instrument cluster screen, once the driver enters the vehicle, and then starts the engine.

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