/// NBC
o n - a i r  p r o m o s
I've had the pleasure of delivering on-air promos for a number of NBC Universal networks over the years including MSNBC, NBC Sports, and NBC itself.
// NBC Universal - Kohl's
H o l i d a y  S p o t s
I designed and animated a number of intros and outros for the 2022 holiday cross-marketing campaign with Kohl's and NBC Universal
// 2016 RIO Olympics
o n - a i r  p r o m o s
I had the pleasure of working a large number of on-air promos for 2016 Rio Olympics across all of NBC's family of networks. I was tasked with bringing the promos to life with added animation, color, and type design to compliment the edits of the athletes.
// NBC - Thanksgiving 2021
// MSNBC - Meet The Press Daily
B r o a d c a s t  P r o m o
Promo that I designed and animated for MTP Daily while at MSNBC. The promo was shown across social as well as broadcast on-air on MSNBC.
// America's Got Talent - sponsored by Sonic
o n - a i r  p r o m o
NBC commissioned this on-air promo which aired during America's Got Talent, highlighting an offer from the show's primary sponsor, Sonic.

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